I like to write long articles, but my ‘method’ for daygame is surprisingly simple. You might not believe it is that simple, but it is.

First off, let’s get something straight: This is a Gentleman’s guide to daygame. A gentleman is a busy man, who has goals, passions and a vision for his life outside of women. This is not a technique to go machine gunning through your local mall with. This is for classy gentlemen who value their time and respect themselves above all else. Learn to rise, to live your truest potential – or keep playing it small. Your choice.

So. You woke up and have some errands to run. You decide to leave the house to grab a jacket since the summer is clearly over and it’s time to dress warm. As you walk towards the store, you can’t help but take in the beautiful surroundings, the sight of the birds flocking south, the old men sitting on the park bench, the beautiful women walking casually by… Ah the beautiful women! What a time to be alive.

One of them stands out. She is just your type. You feel that tugging in your gut. Weaker men confuse it for anxiety but you know better… You know it is just excitement and you use it! You temporarily veer off of your path and walk right up to her. Point A to point B – no half-assed technique or angle. If she has her back to you, you extend your arm and place your hand gently on her arm. If you she is facing you, you look her square in the eye and again, place your hand gently on her arm.

Here is key: You express your desire exactly as it takes form in your mind and even more important, you project it loud, clear, and strong. Here, you are not using a canned line, you are speaking from your core, from your deepest masculine essence. Lately I’m in such a great mood that life is incredible, so the first words I hear myself saying are; “My God you look incredible! Who are you and please tell me there’s more to you than meets the eye?”

Use whatever you want. Make it simple and your own. You are communicating authentically here. If she senses even a fraction of fakeness in you, you’ve already lost.

The next step is important: SHUT UP AND BE NORMAL. Let her express herself, find out about her, talk like you’ve known her for 10 years. A lot of the times, my friends ask me where I know the girl from. They are shocked when I tell them I just met her. I just assume familiarity. Express yourself freely, talk and make jokes. You don’t filter yourself around friends – why do you filter yourself around her?

In line with this idea of no filtering, you find out who she is, what she’s about and if she’s the kind of girl you want to spend more time with. Read: Her being hot is not enough of a criteria to want to spend time with her. Remember, your time is valuable. If you get along great, you simply look her in the eye, tell her “I want to see you again. I’m going to this awesome tea house tomorrow to read a book and smoke some hookah. Come with me.” Notice certain things? “Get coffee sometime” are not solid plans. “Going to a comedy show at 8pm on Sunday” are solid plans. Notice also that I invite her along to what I am doing? Notice that it was not a question but an invitation? I did not ask if she wanted to come, I assumed she would – almost daring her to refuse me.

Once the numbers have been exchanged, call her. Whenever you want, call her. No 2 days, no 3 days, no rules. If you feel like talking to her, pick up the phone and call her. I get excited about women all the time. I absolutely adore women and there’s nothing more refreshing than taking a break from working on my goals than to just dial a number and spend some time with the feminine. A gentleman doesn’t text – that’s for high school boys. A man calls.

That’s about it. I’ve been asked about what I do on my dates so the next segment will be on what to do on dates. Hope to hear your comments and questions!

PS: Ever wonder how some men are always surrounded with beautiful women? The body of my article is the skeleton, but if you know where to look, the clues to consistently being with beautiful women are all hidden away there. Being around stunners is not about learning new or better tricks, it’s about what goes on in your own mind.


Patrick Ananda
Patrick Ananda

Patrick is a scoundrel, rogue, vagabond and founder of the Centered Man Project. He teaches men how to overcome their social anxiety and fear of rejection, by unleashing their unshakable self-confidence.

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