Here’s how to give your woman mind-blowing orgasms.

Don’t be in a hurry to say, “I already do, and my lover is happy.” See, if she isn’t so happy … you won’t know.

In spite of the fact that everyone walks around self-assured that their woman is doing fine, if you ask any girl how many good lovers she has had in her entire life, she can count them all on the fingers of one hand.

That means no more than 5 good lovers. Ever. In total.

There’s some kind of discrepancy here, isn’t there ? But ask any man and he will answer, “Oh, that’s not my case. I am sure.”

The goal of this article is to radically improve this area of life.

If you did not know, the average duration of sexual intercourse among couples who have lived together for longer than 2 years is about 7 minutes ! No wonder so many women are unsatisfied, and infidelity is such a wide-spread phenomenon.

A common mistake guys make is to do things the same way over and over again. For many, there is just one method of giving pleasure to a woman. They learned it a long time ago. And they think that this method of satisfying women always works.

They keep going with that idea for a lifetime.

However, in many cases women don’t want to see them again for some “mysterious” reason. They don’t answer calls. They suddenly have an old relationship coming back. I mean, you name it. But the truth is: these are just excuses to stop seeing men who have no idea what they are doing in bed.

Why ? Because becoming a good lover is an art form. An art form includes diversity and inspiration. No two women are the same. It’s time to learn some new stuff.

So here are 7 rules on how to give any woman mind-blowing orgasms:

1. It is a slow road. Enjoy every second of that ride. Remember that sexual intercourse is a process, not a destination. Most men rush to the finish line like a Formula-1 car.

Instead, make everything take up to 5 times as long. Let your touch slide along her back for a whole minute instead of a few short seconds. Apply this rule to all your actions.

2. Make your woman talk to you. Communication is crucial. Otherwise, how will you know what’s really going on with her ?

As an interesting example, many lesbian couples never ask each other even the simplest things, such as how sensitive their partner’s clit is. As a result, each thinks that her lover’s clit is the same as her own, and proceeds to handle it as such. However, her partner’s clit may be way too sensitive for that kind of treatment (or not sensitive enough).

In the end, one or both girls fake an orgasm, and later go alone to the shower to complete the process.

Most straight couples can benefit from this mistake. Simple talk solves this issue within minutes.

3. Learn how the female brain and body work. She is not a light switch. She is a volume knob. Her arousal begins long before you start foreplay.

Her ability or inability to have an orgasm today may be influenced by many factors, including but not limited to:

– Day of her menstrual cycle (yes, it is that subtle !)
– Issues at work
– General emotional state
– Hormones at her particular age

4. Her past often has a strong influence. Psychological trauma, including things that happened during her childhood, previous boyfriends / relationships / teenage experiences related to sex and gender may play a significant role.

How do you handle this issue ? Communicate. Keep learning and finding out things about her sexuality.

5. Learn Sexual Mastery. Learn it for real. Read, watch, apply, ask for feedback, learn from your mistakes, and then repeat.

Spend at least 50 hours in bed with different girls working on various techniques and asking them for feedback. This is how you become a Master in any field.

A tip for beginners: even basic stuff, such as not rushing for her clitoris in the first two minutes of your foreplay, can get you very far. Stay away from erogenous zones for at least half an hour. Build things up.

6. Keep your eyes and ears open. Listen to her breath. Watch her subtle moves. When your woman is approaching her climax, she might forget to talk to you. In fact, she might forget the whole world. Let her enjoy the silence if she likes to. Guide yourself by calibrating your actions based on her subtle signals.

7. Make sure the setting is appropriate. She must be able to feel relaxed and excited at the same time. Many will tell you to put on some soft music, burn candles, and dim the lights. My advice here is to find out what turns her on. One girlfriend of mine is not able to get an orgasm in any “usual” sphere. Due to her past, she can only fully relax and reach her climax in the shower.

When learning how to give your lover crazy, mid-blowing pleasure, go beyond what the mainstream media teaches you. Once you take the time to learn a bunch of subtle but important things about your woman, you are on your way to becoming a great lover. The rare one. The “keeper.”

Alex May
Alex May

Alex May is Moscow-born and Amsterdam-based sex- and relationship specialist. He stresses the importance of re-assessing people’s REAL wants, needs, and beliefs, along with making conscious choices and heart-centered decisions. In short, this can be described as “unplugging from the matrix” and finding your TRUE SELF.

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