Today I have a little array of comments from a variety of well known teachers.  I’ve been asking around for comments on the challenges that guys face in their quest to become more successful with women, and a range of remarks have come in on different subjects.  

Here’s what Mehow had to say about overall challenges:

“If a guy has challenges we call that disqualification.  If they are old, bald, fat, twitchy, etc. = disqualified and it makes sets more difficult … if the sets are 20 year old women.  So what we do to fix that is have the men practice on women that are close to their age group.  That generally means their age down to ten years younger.  I discuss it  at length in this video …”

And David Wygant had these comments about aging:

“Getting older means getting wiser Use your experience and knowledge to your advantage Women live for men who are mature, bold, and do not play gamesSpeak your mind and watch the women fall for you.”

I also heard from Ross Jeffries  on aging:

“Honestly, I haven’t dated/fucked a woman who wasn’t at least 20 years younger than me in God knows when.

I don’t make an issue out of it, so they don’t. The ones who are bothered by it fuck off right away and get out of my way.

Maybe it’s the Daddy issue thing or just that I don’t see myself as old or act old.

I could give you some various different things to say or how to handle objections, but that’s one of the reasons I quit teaching this shit: it gets trite and trivial.

As far as health: I take anti-inflammatory supplements.  I also do hormone replacement therapy, strength train, MEDITATE, cardio and I love friends and family.

Fuck the young; they need the experience!”

Rion Williams advises to find the right role models:

“I’ll tell my clients to always reference someone who entirely rewrites that limiting belief.  Think age is a factor?  Look at the Rolling Stones and how they can still party.  William Hung has a girl?  Now they can’t let their excuse of looks/overweight continue to rule them.  Reference others who already live it and associate with them.  Associate with William Hung at your own discretion.”

Manwhore gave me the following link which helps you choose your best look for online dating, and said “it’s the single most helpful resource out there for exactly what you described. I was talking to Jeffy from RSD about it and he also was already using it.”

“Mybestface” is the best mix of “image” and personality in a picture rating service. I think it probably has something to do with the fact that Okcupid itself is a bit more “earthy”, a bit on the San Francisco side of things, but also simply because of how they set the service up. They’ve got every rater cataloged and organized according to a wide range of demographics and the ratings reflect that. Plus the way they compare pictures together is rather involved and genius. They do a decent job sorting and rating photos against each other by foreground, portrait, “upclose/selfie,” and even activity/environment. Basically what I’m saying is they do a pretty decent job of giving everyone an equal footing and giving guys of all types a solid evaluation tool. 

Plus we are all ALWAYS wrong LOL. Myself, Jeff, Bravo.. I think I’ve got some good pictures and then I pop them into mybestface and it gives me many times opposite yet very telling results. Some have criticized the app but so far it’s the closest thing that’s ever been developed as far as giving a “balanced” evaluation of a user’s pics. Using the service definitely amped up my results, everything from the 18 year old in her towel begging for attention to the milf’s. 

I’d prefer to not just lull readers into a sense of security with only a generically written article on “how to display your personality in pictures” and actually point them to a resource on it with quantifiable results that they can see.”

What is your experience?  What has helped you to overcome issues in your life that got in the way of your pursuit of romantic success?  Or are you experiencing issues and not finding your way despite the advice and coaching you’ve gotten?  What has worked for you and what has not worked for you?  Are the comments I’ve been presenting helpful?  Do you agree or disagree with the views being presented?

Your feedback is appreciated and requested.



I have been fortunate enough to have been able to present a lot of great material in the cliff’s list newsletters and now on the website that have made a significant difference in many guy’s lives.

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