If you haven’t been living under a rock, you are probably familiar with the dating app “Tinder”. Tinder is about the closest thing to a hookup app that exists right now. With over 50 million total downloads (10,000 to 20,000 new downloads day), this is the most mainstream dating app on the market. Tinder works by setting up a profile with up to five pictures of yourself (taken from Facebook) and a tagline which allows you to type a blurb of text. Once your profile is set up you can start swiping to the left (if you dislike the girl) or to the right (if you like the girl). Tinder will show the girls you liked your picture at some point and if they like you as well, it will match you up. Once you are matched with someone, you can send instant messages to them through the application.

Setting up the Profile

Profile Picture
You want to convey value of different sorts through the types of pictures that you display. You want to show the girl that you stand out by the types of pictures that you choose. There is an evolutionary basis for what women are attracted to. Women want guys that are independent, confident, fun, adventurous, living the dream (or on the path of living the dream), successful, multi-faceted, etc. Make sure to display multiple sides of your personality in your pictures.

We have found that the most effective way of deciding which pictures to use is to recruit multiple hot females to rate a set of pictures and see where the overlap is on the top-rated pictures.


This is a good spot for something witty that displays your personality. You can also include your instagram link and details about yourself that aren’t apparent from pictures that women would like (such as your height if you are tall). You can also include qualification remarks here such as “bad bitches need only apply”.

Swiping Methods

The first instinct people have when using the app is to “like” (swipe right) on every picture, thereby “ensuring” a maximum amount of matches. The rationale behind this thinking is that by liking every picture, one gives oneself the greatest amount of girls to potentially “like” them back and thus create a match. However, this is actually not how Tinder works and is not the most effective method for finding attractive matches.

A developer for Tinder who spoke with the local San Diego pickup group informed us that they implemented an algorithm in Tinder to limit the amount of matches that guys get by swiping right (liking) every profile. The way this works is as follows: Tinder keeps track of the amount of likes vs. non-likes that both guys and girls give to profiles. If a girl gives very few likes then it puts her in a separate category and determines she is more attractive. Girls who fall into this category are not displayed to male users who swipe right a majority of the time. What this means for guys is that the best possible way to find attractive women on Tinder and get matched with girls you would like to sleep with is to only swipe right on girls that you actually find attractive. This also saves you the trouble of having to filter through your matches and determine which ones you want to message, leaving you with only girls you find attractive enough to sleep with. It is also beneficial to only have matched yourself with girls you find attractive as this allows you to mass message every girl you match with. Now that you know how to handle swiping, let’s discuss what to do with the matches that you receive.

Dealing with Matches

Although you can communicate with girls via the Tinder app, the main goal with messaging your matches is to get the girl communicating with you via traditional text messaging (outside of the app). The main advantage of communicating with the girl via traditional text messaging is to conduct picture messaging for sending additional pictures of yourself, value texts, memes, and sexting.

All of this being said, how does one go about deciding what to send initially to the matches that they have received? The following concepts that we use on Tinder have been developed and field-tested amongst our close circle of friends with approximately 2,000 matches to find the most effective and efficient method to set up the initial date. We have developed a canned sequence that works very effectively to land phone numbers and get meetups (with additional texting). However, this will not be included in the article but instead will be included in an eBook put out by Efficient Pickup in the near future. For the purpose of this article, we will give a general format for how the messaging should take place.

OPENER: This should be some kind of lighthearted compliment statement (we have found that this works better than questions or random statements)

BANTER: Seeding the meetup. This involves talking within the frame that the two of you have already agreed to hang out and giving them binary choice questions or regular questions in which their answers fall into your frame. Example: Do you prefer vodka or tequila.

PHONE NUMBER REQUEST: “Text me [insert your phone number here]” – (this causes more investment on the part of the girl by having her text you).

As you can see, there really isn’t too much to solid Tinder messaging. Most guys have too long of a conversation causing the girl to lose interest or stop replying completely. Additionally some guys might jump the gun and ask for a meetup too soon. While asking for a meetup immediately can be effective with certain girls, it is cutting out girls who would potentially otherwise be interested in eventually meeting up with you after a certain requisite amount of banter.

The Bottom Line

Stick to our general outline and your results with Tinder should skyrocket. Next week we will put out an article that gives a blueprint for how to run a date.

Efficient Pickup
Efficient Pickup

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