Tinder is one of the hottest, most popular ways to meet women lately.  But not everyone is having great success there.  Brad Holiday has gotten exceptionally good at online dating, and Tinder is no exception.  Read on:

Brad Holiday: The Ultimate Guide To Tinder

Tinder has many,  many positives for the male bachelor these days… Generally speaking…

The women on Tinder when compared to other dating sites are:

2. Generally more willing to meet up with someone they find attractive

3. Generally more willing to have casual sex

4. Are pickier about looks

The old ratio comes into play here… the Elite 10% of men will have the option of dating/fucking 90% of the women on Tinder.

So we must become Elite in the eyes of women on Tinder.

To become an Elite male on Tinder.

1: Have extremely high quality pictures of yourself taken by a fashion photographer.

2: Have a very high quality outfit and wardrobe for the photo shoot.

3: Have a low body fat percentage at the very least, at the best you have solid muscle base in your photos.

4: Convey high status in your pictures.

Examples Of What “To Do”

If you have a good body, show it off


Social Proof of You With a Girl


Very Cool Edgy Look That Girls Love










Another “I Don’t Care About You” Edgy Look Girls Love










Fashion Photos… The Best Photos To Get










Examples Of What “Not To Do”

Poor Selfie: Also notice, this is James Franco with a bit more body fat. Notice how much different he looks.










I hope you see the contrast between good and bad photos.









When you invest in getting in shape, getting some good fitting clothing, and get a professional photo shoot… you will appear to be elite… therefore you will be elite.

99% percent of online dating is just getting the girl to meet you out. After that it is simple.

Guys who are ‘hot’ or have an elite profile I helped them design… literally get massive amounts of responses from the hottest women.

Follow this guide and go meet lots of girls on Tinder!

Clifford: My theory is that photos as they relate to online dating and Tinder are sort of like Charlie the Tuna – whereas Charlie was being told that people don’t want tuna that has good taste, they want tuna that tastes good, I think women are not so much looking for good looking guys as guys who look good. And by that I mean well presented, well groomed, well dressed, smelling good, etc. I am not saying the being good looking isn’t an advantage, but I think you can compensate for your looks by your presentation. Many of the coaches out there, such as Brad P’s Fashion Bible and Payton Kane’s famous Player Makeover  put a lot of stock in helping their clients to upgrade their wardrobes and overall appearance, and women definitely notice (in fact, I find they notice every tiny detail).

So while some of the pictures above are of good looking guys, I suggest you look at their presentation more than their facial features and see if you can find a look that suits you.

We want to present a lot more on Tinder so let me know your comments on the above article, your experiences, what you find works and doesn’t work, best first responses, etc.




I have been fortunate enough to have been able to present a lot of great material in the cliff’s list newsletters and now on the website that have made a significant difference in many guy’s lives.

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