A lot of guys make posts about using females as “pawns” or “pivots”. Early in my game I used both with great success, but I grew tired of juggling women or playing off different set’s against each other…it just became the same routine night after night and BORING! I started to realize how much time, effort and money I was wasting playing the pawn and pivot game. For me it just wasn’t worth the return.

I met a woman that is very bi-sexual, great body and personality, but most importantly, she is like me: A SEXUAL PREDATOR! One night, we were watching a movie about serial killers and after the movie was over she started to ask me about serial killers and how they operate (I was a Deputy Sheriff). I told her that a large percentage of serial killers operate in pairs and how one may feign injury or weakness in order to make the victim lower her guard thus rendering herself vulnerable to attack from the accomplice. Usually the victim never sees the attack coming and even if she does, it is too late. Serial killers will not initiate an attack unless there is a high probability of success and they PLAN and COORDINATE to INSURE that ALL ODDS ARE IN THEIR FAVOR! She was very intrigued by this topic, but we had “other” things to do….

Later in the evening, she told me that it was very difficult for her to go out on her own and find bi-sexual and lesbian girls, because of local taboos. That’s when I asked her if she would like to be a “serial killer”. Of course she was confused but then I told her that we could become “SEXUAL serial killers” together. She just smiled and said, “How”?

We run quite a few scams, but the one that has been the most successful runs like this:

1. She enters a bar before me, and SHE picks the target. If the target is sitting at the bar, for example, she will attempt to sit two chairs away from the mark and will place her coat or pocketbook on the chair in between her and the mark. This is to leave a place available for ME later in the evening.

2. She calls me on her mobile and gives me the location of the target and a target description detailed enough that there can be no mistaken identity.

3. I enter the bar alone and sit where the mark can clearly see that I am just another “AFC” by himself and that I am looking constantly in her general direction, but she CANNOT tell if I‘m looking at her. But understanding the vanity of most HB’s, she will MORE THAN LIKELY ASSUME that you are looking at her. I use this AGAINST the target later in the game.

4. After INTENTIONALLY drinking two drinks and INTENTIONALLY looking nervous as hell, I timidly walk over to the mark and say, “ Uh, excuse me. Like I’m not from around here and my language skills aren’t that great. But, you see that girl over there, you know, the one next to you. I think she’s, like, so beautiful and I was wondering if you could help me learn something to say that’s, like, sweet and romantic to her. They ALWAYS teach me something corny to say like, “you’re the most beautiful girl in the world.” Or something mean like, “HI! I’m just a stupid American!” After practicing my new “line”, I approach my partner. The target is thinking, “Watch this chump CRASH and BURN!” She is totally shocked when……

5. My partner simply melts when I say something romantic or cracks up laughing when I say something stupid. No matter what I say, my partner responds in a POSITIVE way to ANYTHING I SAY and immediately hugs me and asks me to sit down. I sit with my back to the target and the target is thinking WTF? He DIDN’T crash and burn! Confusion sets in and the target becomes VULNERABLE!

6. My partner and I continue to bullshit with each other and enter into LIGHT kino. The target usually becomes jealous that I am getting all this attention from an HB. After all, she first thought that she was going to be able to shoot me down, but I wasn’t interested in her, but in someone else. Then she expects me to get shot down by another female, but that HB responded in a POSITIVE manner! Now that HB is TOUCHING me! (Talk about social proof!)

7. I then turn towards the target, point to her and tell my partner, “That’s the one responsible!” (Drawing the target back into the set). My partner will then, physically get up and introduce herself to the target and then introduce me. At this point, I will buy a drink for both women and myself. This is one of the very rare times that I will do this, but I do it to make the target feel at ease and it makes it easier to EV.

8. My partner then begins to thank the mark for introducing her to one of the greatest guys she ever met, how she was always looking for a guy like me blah, blah, blah, he’s so wonderful…..and then tells the target, “Look, I’m going to take him to a more cozy place right now, but I was thinking that maybe sometime next week ALL THREE OF US could get together for drinks…why don’t you give me your phone number?” (We’re batting 1000 on this so far guys!) They always give the number.

9. Very important part of the game follows: As we leave my partner kisses the target, not on the cheek, but partially on the lips and the cheek. It has to look like a slip BUT IT ISN’T! It is a test to gauge her propensity to bi-sexuality! If she doesn’t recoil from the kiss, she is worth calling. I kiss her goodbye on the cheek and then hug her tightly making sure that our loins touch. If she doesn’t recoil away, she is DEFINITELY going to get a call from us.

This type of game might not be for everyone, but it is field tested and proven to work. The most critical factor is choosing your partner carefully. You must work with great cohesion and be great actors, but this is a game that only gets smoother the more often you try it. Come on guys! Push the envelope and try something new!!!!!


The most important aspect of our game is that we set UP the target to be ALONE and thus ISOLATED with us at a later time and place of OUR choosing. This place is usually at my female accomplice’s apartment. Why? When we make arrangements to meet, we convince the target that it is better for us to meet at my FB’s apartment and go out as a “troika”. In this part of the world, that means, “threesome” so subliminally she is being programmed for a three-way. Additionally, meeting at a female’s apartment is non-threatening and puts the target at ease. We want her to be TOTALLY relaxed and mentally in CONDITION WHITE.

When the target comes to the apartment, we always have TWO bottles of wine, one chilled and the other warm. We always sit on the couch with my female accomplice IN BETWEEN the target and me. She will always sit with her left arm around me while sitting with her legs SLIGHTLY open and TOWARDS the target. During the conversation, she constantly rubs my neck and will touch herself on the breasts and thighs, in a very subtle manner. Periodically she will reach out and touch the target’s knee, hand or face. This is designed to build SEXUAL TENSION. When the target begins to respond, my accomplice will abruptly stand-up and say, “Wow! It’s getting hot in here! Let’s go out before something happens!” (Take Away) As we are getting our coats on, she will pick-up the SECOND bottle of wine and say, “Damn this one’s warm! I’ll put it in the refrigerator so it will be cold when we come back later. That’s ok with you, isn’t it?” She says to the target. (Leading and preparing thetarget).

We take the target to dance clubs and all dance together gradually dancing with the target sandwiched in between me and her, with my hands on the targets hips from behind and my female placing her arms over the target’s shoulders. Whenever my accomplice tries to say something to me, I push into the target and all of over mouths are forced together. If I kiss my partner, the target is RIGHT THERE to see it. I always kiss the target on the cheek after I kiss my partner. My partner ALWAYS follows suit. This not only escalates sexual tension, but also is an IOI. If she doesn’t pull away, she is DEFINITELY interested in the possibility of bringing this game to the next level. My partner at the appropriate time will suggest going back to her apartment for that “delicious bottle of wine”…

When we get back to her apartment, we position ourselves the same as before, but this time we work-up to heavy kino, deep kissing and petting in front of the target. Then my PARTNER pulls the girl into the set, NOT ME! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! I know it goes totally against the whole Alpha Male Theory, but at this stage, YOU MUST LET THE FEMALE INITIATE SEXUAL CONTACT WITH THE MARK! You may have been to some swingers clubs. If not, I recommend that you go to “Club Paradise” or “Showboat” in Amsterdam and observe the interaction of couples and single females into the swing-scene. You will find that if a single male or male part of a couple tries to initiate anything with a single female or a female part of a couple, HE WILL FAIL 99% of the time. Why? Because he is a threat! There’s something primordial about the mechanics of this and I really don’t understand it, but he will most likely fail, EVEN WHEN HE IS PART OF A COUPLE. HOWEVER, when the female part of the couple initiates sexual contact with another female, F2F sex occurs 90% of the time and the lucky male part of the couple has FF2M sex at least 95% of the time. Plus if you go to one of these clubs with an HB, you WILL BE APPROACHED for sex, NOT FLUFF, by other HB’s no matter what you look like! Social proof lives at swinger’s clubs!

Anyway, my partner pulls the target into the set by doing a multitude of things. Sometimes she tells the target that she has such beautiful hair and starts to touch her hair. She pulls the targetGENTLY towards her and tells her to lay her head down on her lap, so that she can massage her hair AND face. (kino escalation). While my partner is massaging the target’s hair and face, she begins to kiss me so that the mark can see it. She will start talking OUT LOUD about how soft the target’s hair and skin are and tell me to “feel for myself”. THIS IS CRITICAL MASS TIME! ALWAYS SAY TO THE target, “That’s ok with you, isn’t it?” YOU MUST ASK FOR HER PERMISSION TO TOUCH HER!!!! Again, I know this goes against the Alpha Male Theory, but you need to get her to relax if you want to have sex with her. You can prove to her that you are Alpha while you are fucking her, especially when your partner is verbally reinforcing that to the target as you penetrating her! The kino escalates to groping, 3 way kissing and finally FFM sex. Once our target only wanted to kiss and watch us have sex while she played with herself. That’s fine with us too! It’s still fun and exciting anyway you look at it!

This entire “ Sexual Serial Killers” game takes time, coordination and planning, BUT IT HAS A VERY HIGH CHANCE A PAYOFF when you choose your target carefully and execute your operation with military precision! Think about how much time we waste fluffing bitches at clubs. It’s fun when you’re new to the game, but, to me at almost 44 years old, it’s become boring! One of the “33 Ancient Chinese Strategies” was entitled: “KILL WITH A BORROWED SWORD”. It involves letting someone else do your dirty work for you. This game makes the woman do all the fluffing and donkey work for you. All you are there for is the ride……….

There are so many ways women attract other women it makes ME JEALOUS sometimes!


None of the girls that we have approached have been alone. You very seldom see a female at a club alone – they are usually in pairs. If you noticed in the above report, my girl always PICKS the target and I always OPEN the set with my fake AFC approach. My girl always CLOSES the set with the fake “thanks for helping him, he’s SOOOO perfect for me” routine and setS UP the day two. My female is an ACTIVE HUNTER in this routine, NOT a pawn or a pivot! THIS IS the fundamental difference between the SSK Routine and other methods where you use the female to gain SP. The SSK routine creates TENSION within the target, (when she thinks that you are getting ready, AFC style to approach her), BURSTS her bubble when you ask her help in getting another chick outside her set, INCREASES YOUR SP EXPONENTIALLY when the OTHER girl approaches the target and tells the target how wonderful you are, DISARMS and DESTROYS any BITCH SHIELD that the target may have put up and virtually GUARANTEES a Day Two because now there is a “sisterly” connection between the two chicks and the FEMALE IS NO THREAT TO THE TARGET! Just remember that BOTH OF YOU must deliver this routine SMOOTHLY and CONVINCINGLY! If you don’t, it won’t work!


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