10,000: I’m at a social event, and I see this super adorable, beautiful blued eyed girl from afar. I keep checking her out. She notices. I want her to notice. In fact, I check her out so that she notices.

Her dad is right next to her. Bummer. He looks scary and serious. I wait for awhile. I approach. Her mom is right next to her dad. I start talking to the mom. I know the mom from about 6 years ago. We have mutual people. I try to engage to the dad, but he is totally non-responsive. I then engage the girl. Most of my attention is on the mom. The girl thinks I was looking at her because I knew her. I say, “Yes ! I was checking you out !”

The dad turns out to be her mom’s boyfriend ! (And later, I find out he’s not responding to me because he’s so shy !)

We continue to chat and make jokes. I make it obvious that I’m after her daughter. Mom indirectly asks me how old I am, I say “I’m 25 … 26 next month ! How old is your daughter ? Is she at least 18 ? I was worried she wasn’t. If she’s not 18 it’s not legal !” The girl yells out: “I’m 22 !” (Phew, I really thought she was 15 or something).

Plenty of tension and momentum at this point. I see a flashy ring on the daughter’s ring finger. I say: “Is she married ?” Mom says no ! And she tells her daughter to take the ring off her finger. The daughter changes ring to her other hand. I swipe my hand over my forehead to show that I’m relieved that she’s not married. They laugh.

Then the mom asks me, very assertively, “Are you going to take her number ?” (And here’s the kicker, guys. Be direct ! Say what you want ! You are a man ! You are supposed to take the woman !) I answer: “Yes !” You should have seen her mom’s. She was elated.

Afterward there were more jokes, we exchanged numbers, and sent a few texts back and forth. I speak to the daughter later. I ask her out for the next day. She’s got work and school, so the earliest day she can go out is Friday. Fine. She’s so excited, and she tells me that she’s so happy I came over and that she can’t wait for Friday.

I was not prepared for this. I was not shaved, had BO, was not well dressed, and was very, very tired. I started to think that I was not even going to go open the set, but I refused to not even try.

I am not particularly special. This girl was waiting for the next guy. Who knew ? So far she looks like an 8.5, and is a solid 10 on personality. I am really going to consider her for a potential girlfriend.

Here’s what I was not saying out loud.

Game Everyone

Game game game.

Game uninteresting females, game waiters, game employees, game strangers, game friends, game family, game your exes, game men, game young, game old.

Calibrate To The Situation At All Times. The Purpose Of Your Gaming Is To Empower The Person

The least you can do in any situation is to leave the person better off. When I see my 7 year old goddaughter, I am building up her self-esteem, her self-confidence, her excitement for life and how much fun she is having.

Leave The Person With More Power

Power could be inspiration, excitement, confidence, passion, a new insight, a new outlook, a new idea, a new project.

The Foundation Of Your Gaming Is Validation

Validate validate validate. You are an alpha man. You have empathy and are supportive. You are more powerful and stronger than most people. You therefore care for people and support them in their pursuit of happiness. Validate where they are in their life and create with them the future that they want.

I Am In A Different Mode When I Am Gaming A Sexual Interest

When I am trying to sleep with a woman, it’s game on full throttle. I obviously calibrate here, too. No overkill. Overkill will deprive you of the opportunity to enjoy your success. When you hunt an animal you try to do the least damage possible to the animal. You are not trying to blow the thing up. For females it’s the same thing.

So here’s what I did. I gamed the mother. I was being super social with her while clearly communicating to her that I was sexually interested in her daughter. Lethal combo.

Communicate status, poise, composure, direction, (etc.) to the parent and continue the conversation with the daughter. You can’t bypass the parent if they are there, that would be like trying to bypass a guard. Won’t go well. Daughters are super sensitive to their parents’ attention, approval and opinion.

This would work with rebellious girls too. Why ? Because you have more status than her parents. That’s a hard-wired turn-on. (Quick note: the one who asks questions, the one who initiates, usually has more status. The mere fact of you approaching communicates that you have more status.)

Let me know if that gives you more of a feeling for it.


I have been fortunate enough to have been able to present a lot of great material in the cliff’s list newsletters and now on the website that have made a significant difference in many guy’s lives.

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