Have you ever asked yourself, “What is the point of asking a woman out on a date?”

In today’s dating world, there are generally two types of connections between single men and women: A ‘date’ and a ‘hook up.’

The top priority of any ‘date’ should be to determine if a man and a woman have any degree of “physical chemistry.” There is a big difference between over-the-phone or Internet chemistry and face-to-face chemistry. Establishing in-person chemistry is the absolute starting point for any man or woman who are interested in dating.

The next priority of the date should be for a man to find out what the woman is looking for in a long-term romantic companion, and to share with her what he is looking for in the same. Put another way,a first date should be similar to a first interview for a job, only not quite as formal or serious. A man should be asking a woman a number of questions about herself, and she should be doing the same thing with the man.

If during the course of the first date, the woman reveals something about herself that lets the man know that she would not be an ideal candidate to be his next long-term girlfriend, then he should simply thank that woman for the time she spent with him, and then end the date. No second date for her.

On the other hand, if a man genuinely feels that there was an above-average degree of romantic and sexual chemistry between him and that woman, then he should invite her on a second date to find out even more specific information about her personality and her long-term desires, interests, and intentions as it relates to him.

A ‘hook up’ is to casual sex what a ‘date’ is to a long-term, more emotionally profound relationship. If your top priority is to simply engage in a few days or a few weeks of no-strings-attached sex that requires no real emotional investment, I would not bother asking a woman out on a formal date.

My recommendation would be to let the woman know in a confident, upfront, straight-to-the-point manner that you find her very sexually appealing, and that you would love to exchange orgasms with her at some point in the near future. Then, after stating your intentions clearly, leave the ‘ball in her court’ and let her make the next move. Either the woman will reciprocate your sexual desires and interests, or she will reject them. Whatever her decision is, accept it.

Finally, do not waste time with trivial ‘small talk.’ Too many men make the mistake of placing too much emphasis on feeding a woman’s stomach or trying to impress a woman with their financial generosity. This is a huge mistake. As a man, you want to avoid attracting ‘gold digger’ types or women who are just looking for a ‘free meal,’ but have no genuine interest in sharing your company in a romantic or sexual manner.

Alan Roger Currie
Alan Roger Currie

Author Alan Roger Currie’s second paperback provides you with the psychological tools to learn how to quickly identify when a man or woman is using a vague and ambiguous conversational style with you as a means of engaging you in “manipulative head games”

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