Jason from Day 90 Delivered talks below about a radical new approach to your daily routine, and how it can improve your results with women. Read on:

Psychiatrists are a waste of money. Instead of paying someone to listen to your problems, try a modern day therapy: cold showers. They’re free, you can talk to the showerhead, and it actually works. Read on to find out how cold showers will make you more confident and attractive around women…

The icy water creates anxiety, is uncomfortable, and makes your penis frighteningly tiny. So why would you ever want to do cold showers when a warm shower is so much more enjoyable? Benefits. You’re going to be killing two birds with one stone in terms of why I think you should be replacing warm showers with cold ones:

1. Willpower/Self-Discipline
2. Anxiety Destruction (sort of)

Of course there’s a ton of other benefits I’ll be going over, but in terms of getting more vaginas on your cock, the above two are most important.

When you take a cold shower for the first time, you may notice your skin turning pale. The color change results from blood being transitioned from your skin to internal organs, protecting them from the cold.

Vice versa, when your body becomes hot, the blood travels to your skin to cool down.

Your heart rate increases tremendously.


What are these mystical benefits of taking a daily cold shower instead of a warm one? Even if cold showers had no direct correlation to your success with women, the health benefits are unmatched. The simplicity of a cold shower will teach you to step out of your comfort zone, and face your fear instead.

The similarities to approaching females are striking. Committing to daily cold showers for at least 30 days will make facing your fears – whatever they may be – a lot easier.

Cold showers will improve your overall quality of life, making you a more attractive man, mentally and physically. Attractive men have sex with females.

Saves time

Stop fucking around in the shower for 10-20 minutes – God help you if you spend longer – life is short… get a move on! It’s funny how you can accomplish everything you need to in a 5-minute cold shower – things you thought were impossible during your warm luxurious showers.

After about 2-3 weeks you may find yourself adapting to the cold water, and thermal shock sets in. Suddenly you find yourself standing there thinking about things without even noticing the cold water.

I easily spend, on average, 6-7 minutes in a cold shower. If I’m in a rush I can easily cut it down to 2 minutes.

Curb your Sexual Appetite

Moderating your sexual urges, with icy cold water, dramatically aids your ability to cut out porn. Odds are, if you look at porn daily, you aren’t getting laid. Cutting out porn is difficult for the majority of guys learning to live without temptation. They just don’t have enough self-control, and self-discipline, to quit cold turkey. Eventually, most will fall off the wagon and masturbate to porn.

Taking a cold shower will teach you self-discipline, because there are plenty of times when you just want a warm shower. You just won’t want to complete a cold shower for whatever bullshit reason you come up with.

Forcing yourself to take a cold shower day-after-day, even though you may not want to, will slowly develop discipline and increase your self-esteem. You’ll start to feel good about committing to cold showers – creating a positive feedback loop.

Improves Mood & Alertness

Say bye-bye to Prozac say hello to feeling fucking amazing. The first few times you step out of a 5-minute cold shower you’ll feel on top of the world. Your body enters survival mode, and releases a whole cocktail of chemical goodness. (Research the chemicals)

Also taking a cold shower first thing in the morning or mid-day when you start to feel tired will give you a jolt of energy to take action, and finish the things you know you need to get done that day.

Fat Loss

Increases your “brown fat” cell count, which the job of brown fat is to generate heat to keep the body warm. Whereas white fat is known as the bad fat, that millions of people struggle to get rid of.

Your body also has to burn more calories by expending more calories to raise your temperature back to its normal temp. Temperature drops > energy used > calories burned > temperature back to normal.

Increases Testosterone

This goes hand-in-hand with not ejaculating for seven days, which has been proven to increase testosterone levels.

Improved quality of sleep

Need I say more…

Improved Hair & Skin

Warm water dries out your skin, unlike cold water. Cold water keeps your pores closed, locking in the natural oils – where as warm/hot water opens your pores, pulling the oils out and leaving your skin feeling tight/dry after a shower.

Improves Immune System & Blood Circulation

When cold showers speed up your metabolic rate it releases white blood cells to help fight off viruses such as the common cold.

It’s also been proven to improve blood circulation in your body.

Increases Metabolism

Your body’s energy expenditure is twice as high, producing extra heat to bring your temperature back to normal. You may have seen people do stupid things like wearing shorts and a t-shirt in winter to lose weight.

Just take a cold shower or bath.

Increases Sperm Count

It’s common knowledge that warm/hot water decreases sperm count. Consistently taking cold showers will increase fertility… may be a bad thing for you once you’re fucking a new girl or two every week. (luxury problem)

Remember to wear a condom!

Instant Gratification vs. Long-Term Results

Develops the habit of committing to long-term benefits, instead of always going after instant gratification – things that give your life no value, such as junk food, porn, warm showers, etc.

How Cold Showers Apply To Women & Life

I recommend you take a cold shower right now before you continue reading. That way you’ll completely understand what I’m talking about.

Did you…

Take a cold shower…


I know you didn’t, so let’s continue…

Regardless of all the health benefits listed above, how does this help you with women? As I briefly explained in the beginning, it ultimately decreases your anxiety and self-doubt. You see, when you first start taking cold showers, you will start to justify your actions and make excuses.

Reasons why you don’t need to take cold showers, you may even procrastinate, and put them off. Or, right when you walk in the bathroom for a planned cold shower you might hesitate to turn on the water, and step in.

Sounds eerily familiar doesn’t it?

When you see an attractive female walking right by you, all alone – she takes a glance at you for a minute – almost feels like slow motion. You see the sparkle in her eye and you have that instant connection where you know for sure she’s open to the possibility of… you – maybe.

Your mind races through a million thoughts at once in between each step she takes, as the distance between you and her gets closer and closer…

You think, “This is it, I’ve got to go up to her and meet her.” The distance closes yet again, and you are almost right in front of her now. Then your mind does the dreaded destructive habit:

• – “She probably has a boyfriend..”

• – “She’s probably late for class”

• – “She probably has someone she’s trying to meet, I can’t interrupt her”

• – “She’s too hot for me”

• – “Ehh, I’m not feeling great today, I’ll approach girls when I’m really feeling up for it”

• – “I don’t like what I’m wearing today, she’ll reject me anyhow”

So instead of meeting her she walks right by you, and all you do is turn for a minute and stare at her ass. Believe me, it’s way better when you give yourself a chance to spank it rather than just look at it.

But you’ll never know, because you wimped out. You let your mind create a bullshit barrier that doesn’t even exist. These opportunities are everywhere, but you have an invisible barrier between you and the abundance of women that are continuously around you from every angle.

A cold shower is really no different. But once you deal with the uncomfortable cold shower for 5 minutes, dry yourself. You’ll realize it was easy, and likely felt great.

The same applies to approaching and escalating with women. It may make you feel uncomfortable, hesitant, and anxious, but once you do it, you realize it’s not that bad. Even if the outcome isn’t exactly what you had hoped for, the weight lifted will make you feel great. You will feel relieved, and ready to try again. Make no mistake – once you tolerate this slightly uncomfortable situation, you gain new freedom to propel you into the next interaction.

But that’s all theory, just words. The only way you’ll know if it works, or not, is to try it, and commit to 30-days.

Good Luck.

30-Day Challenge

For the next 30-days you’re going to commit to a 5-minute cold shower, on the coldest setting your shower allows. This may be difficult for some of you, and you may want to start with warm water… then gradually transition to cold. I’d advise against being a pussy.

It’s also going to be harder in the winter, then in the summer, for obvious reasons.

Personally, I had trouble getting into icy cold showers at first. I did it once, but found it difficult to get in the shower, and immerse my body in the water. Of course there are ways around this, so I filled my bathtub with cold water. Then I emptied a few ice trays into the bath.

This left me with no way to pussy foot around the situation, because in a shower you can just let the water hit your back, or front. Your body isn’t completely submerged in cold water, unlike the bath, which is more advanced.

I’ve never seen my dick so small, and turtle after coming out of a cold bath, in comparison to a cold shower…

The best way to think of 30 days is to think of it as 7 days first. If you can get through the first 7 days, 30 days will be no problem for you. After all, you’ve never taken cold showers before, and your brain “no likey.” But what your brain likes doesn’t get you very far in the getting laid department – it takes work and commitment, and this is an essential piece of the puzzle.


When I first started taking cold showers, I felt dizzy, and out of breathe from the exhilaration of the experience. But after just a few days, it started to become normal. By 7 days, the cold showers actually became my preference. This has to do with re-wiring your brain and it’s reward circuitry. The re-wiring process is painful at first – you’re used to nice warm and fuzzy showers. But you don’t really deserve them anyway do you?

As my brain became used to cold showers, I actually began to prefer them. By 14 days, I no longer built up this dramatic entry into the shower, and didn’t procrastinate either. In the beginning, I would just stand there staring at the water for 5 minutes, daydreaming and thinking of excuses not to get in. “I might get sick, it’s the winter after all,” “I’m tired,” anything really.

Your mind will jump to a million bullshit excuses. But after 14 days I’d just get in, no dramatic entry, no deep breathes, just normal like I would get into any hot shower.

I’m not going to lie, I had a couple wimp moments where I would take a warm shower here and there – I regretted it, and reset my challenge. I don’t like the feeling of getting out of a hot shower anymore. For one, I don’t feel refreshed, I actually feel tired, and dried out, which makes me feel like I’m not even clean. Also, who wants a pair of saggy balls after getting out of a hot shower? Women don’t like saggy balls. The cold water keeps your junk nice and contrite.

You’ll notice that you feel much cleaner after a cold shower for some reason. I don’t know why, I just do.

Now that I’m so used to cold showers, I spend more than 5 minutes, and sometimes 10 minutes. Once the thermal shock kicks in, you actually start to feel a warm sensation take over your entire body, mitigating the initial discomfort. It actually feels good to me now, and I even look forward to my cold showers.

For 30-days you will take nothing but cold baths or showers. By no means, will a cold shower or two change your life, but it will help improve it. Everything adds up, cold showers are just another tool to get you to where you want to go.

“Don’t think, just do.” -HORACE

Clifford: You can’t say you don’t get some new approaches to improving your success with women from Cliff’s List. Cold showers is a new one on me…I’ll have to think about that one a bit before I try it myself. But I do like the fact that this is a new idea – I hadn’t heard this being suggested before. I’d be interested to hear from those who try it to see their results.




I have been fortunate enough to have been able to present a lot of great material in the cliff’s list newsletters and now on the website that have made a significant difference in many guy’s lives.

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