Giving out your number might be tough at first, because you really don’t believe in it.

Don’t worry if the texts don’t come pouring in at first; be patient, do it consistently and it’ll end up paying off.  The payoff is worth anything you have to go through.  You’re going to be very attached to seeing the girl again… like she’s the last one you’ll ever meet… and you know better but, that’s how strong your inner voice is.The more you give your number out, the more comfortable you’ll be.

Soon, women will start texting you and your life will never be the same again.  With each text you’ll become more confident, each one giving you the resolve to give out more numbers and you’ll start to become super smooth; like you’re not even thinking about it.Your internal frame will be “I only give out my number because this is the way the world works”… so women will question you less and less until there will be NO question…. it will become the way it is for you.  It will be a great lesson for many other things that you want to change about your life as well.

I know you think that when you have the number you have the power, but you don’t.

Even women sometimes think you do as well; but they’re only loaning it to you.  They know that as soon as you reach out you’ll be returning it to them.  Getting a woman to give you her phone number or e-mail address is NOT an accomplishment and does not make you cool or successful.

It makes you like ‘most guys’ and ‘most guys’ are unsuccessful with women.  I know this is hard to swallow, but the truth is often painful and reversing your social programming is not going to be a walk in the park, so to speak.

I know what you’re thinking: Brent, you are out of your mind!

  • I can’t even get numbers at this point so giving mine out just sounds ridiculous and way too advanced!
  • This technique seems backwards
  • Why would I give them the control?
  • What if she doesn’t text?  I’ll be waiting and feel helpless.

These are just excuses you make for not trying. You’ve got to give this up and stop being attached to the outcome.Consider this:

  • Women will give you their number to be nice or to get rid of you, so you really don’t know if they’re interested
  • Women have a love/hate relationship with attention and having a lot (even if it’s not from the right guy) is better than having none
  • Women will give you the wrong number.  Has this ever happened to you?
  • Women won’t always return your emails, text messages or phone calls.

Whether you text, email or IM you’ll only connect with a small percentage; and that’s if you’re great. Getting their number and texting them first, sets a precedent for how things will be if you hook up regularly.  Because you have set yourself up as the pursuer instead of the pursued, things will then be expected of you Even if you become great at getting numbers and hooking up, it’ll become a full time job (you’ll be doing way too much work)

Let’s be clear, you are NOT in control.  Getting a number means nothing.  (I’m getting nauseous writing this)

When she texts YOU first, she’s no longer a prospect, she’s a sale.

Women only text men they’re interested in.

You already did the selling by giving her your number instead of taking hers.  The only thing you now need to do, to service your new client, is respond to her text and schedule her appointment with you.

No maintenance is needed.

That’s what happens when you make the product out of  high quality parts in the first place. You don’t have to be as funny, as clever, as interesting or as attentive.  You don’t have to be as ANYTHING!”

Having phone numbers doesn’t make you powerful, it drains your power and sets you up for failure!”

Try it and let us know what happens!


Brent Smith is among a group of dating coaches inspired by David DeAngelo’s dating system where he appeared at David DeAngelo’s seminars and interview series. Brent is an American national, born on March 12, 1989. His company “Brent Smith Lifestyle” focuses at coaching men how to improve their overall lifestyle with the focus of woman and dating

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