I’ve been away from this list a long time because it worked !

It was Cliff that first opened my eyes to the world of seduction, beyond Maxim pick-up tricks and “Just Be Yourself For Dummies” self-help books. Cliff’s List introduced me to the best in the business, the people who were taking the laws of attraction into their own hands and making them work for them instead of playing a percentage game like the players and the mackers.

From the selection of various gurus I chose the path of Speed Seduction and NLP, and though that style proved harder to master than some of the other styles who’s techniques have worked well for me (David DeAngelo, for instance), I found that its versatility and power and fun-factor were ideal.

It also led me on to studying NLP in other forms, and I took enough home study courses and went to enough seminars to earn a 2 year degree in persuasion and self-help. The most informative and worthwhile seminars happened to be from Tom Vizzini and Kim McFarland, but Ross Jeffries puts on a mean one too.

As a result of these teachings, my financial and social stock soared. As Major Mark had warned, it went from being able to seduce any woman I wanted, to not having to seduce any women, and finally to having to keep women at bay. The knowledge in NLP and marketing helped me to double my yearly income through the acquisition of jobs and the selling of my own products. I booked gigs for my band paying $250 an hour per man plus expenses for 18,000 people from Amsterdam to Atlanta. I wrote articles for international magazines and got paid to ride planes and go to jazz festivals. I earned commissions for $150,000 cabinet jobs in the booming real estate hot beds of South Carolina and Georgia.

I haven’t read Cliff’s List in a long while, because I think I just don’t have the libido that some of these career PUAs have. After I’d sampled a lot of different beautiful women and had my share of cultures on both sides of the Atlantic, I was more concerned with how to keep from seducing them than learning any more about how to seduce them.

Sometimes it makes me laugh to think that young students of seduction don’t really know what they’re getting into. You want it so bad, but then when you get it … it’s a lot to handle. And then you start remembering that there are other things in life besides ultra-fine women. Like making money and writing books and recording music and playing MMORPGs (yep I’m a nerd too !) and fishing and boxing and a whole bunch of other things that you can’t always do with women.

Now I’m in a wonderful relationship with a beautiful exotic personal trainer. Sure, sometimes I break into the David Shade moves or treat her to a night of play with NLP. But I’m no PUA anymore. There’s something to be said for ease of living. I have books to write and songs to record while Mystery is out testing the latest technique in a bar or coffeehouse. My “set” is usually on the couch behind me, and when I finish writing the current chapter or laying down the current track, I can fire off an anchor to get her in the mood or ask her to call up a girlfriend. Or I can be really lazy and just put in the CD with those NLP songs I recorded.

And here I come to the main reason I’m finally writing to Cliff again. The PUA community has gotten big and mean since this southern boy’s been gone. There’s a lot of bickering going on. People who used to be friends accusing each other of being frauds, people competing for the Hollywood slot and the article in Hustler, people becoming extremely protective of the markets in which they do business.

You guys who are just learning, don’t buy into it too much. It’s just about money. David DeAngelo works. Ross Jeffries works. Tom and Kim’s methods definitely work. Neil Strauss and Mystery probably work, too. You can usually spot the frauds a thousand miles away if you’re even a casual reader of Cliff’s List.

The main thing is that you don’t take it too seriously, or nothing will work. Don’t be uptight. Have fun with the skills. Don’t worry whether or not you fuck up. Don’t worry whether or not you get this particular girl. And don’t spend a year’s salary or go into debt buying too many overpriced seduction methods or seminars. You don’t need to buy everything offered just to become successful with women. One good course or seminar, a couple of gimmicks, and a subscription to Cliff’s List is all you need. And time. Time and practice.


I have been fortunate enough to have been able to present a lot of great material in the cliff’s list newsletters and now on the website that have made a significant difference in many guy’s lives.

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