Looking back to the past couple of years, I am grateful for all the encounters I made, the people I met. Beautiful women and great men!I also think about the people I steer away from and it’s good to have a clearer idea about it. It happens less and less, but I still meet people who go on and on, complaining about their problems, or turn to me to solve them.

Do you sometimes feel like you have a problem that needs solving before you can finally move forward and truly be happy?

It’s normal to feel that way at times, but also realize that you are already creative, resourceful and whole. The Ars Amorata will not solve whatever problem you may think you have; we will open your eyes to beauty and show you a different path, and we’ll promise that we and all the Amorati will be there for you for as long as you are committed to the same journey. That’s a journey towards more excellence in life and in your relationships with women.

You see, everything you believe to be true about the world, about yourself, about women, about that girl, about your specific circumstances,… is true. It is all true, and it does not matter.

What matters is how you want your life to look. What matters is the world you choose to live in.

So next time you feel like a problem is keeping you from moving forward, realize that you are not held back by your specific circumstances, your upbringing, by a lack of confidence or your problems,… What is holding you back is that you have chosen to disregard your most compelling reasons to move forward.

What do you love the most in this world good Sir? What do you ache for? What is the only thing that matters? Let your answer move you forward.

I have no intention of being overly harsh, and you may already realize this, but I wanted to say it strongly for the record, and provide you with some ammunition for when you next meet someone who focuses too much on their problems.


~ Hans Comyn
Ars Amorata


Hans Comyn
Hans Comyn

Hans is the head of the Amorati network and leads the Ars Amorata programs. He joined forces with Zan Perrion in 2008. Before that time, Hans Comyn taught philosophy at several Universities and worked five years with French sociologist Bruno Latour on how to reassemble the social, bring people together and make things public.

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